COVID-19 Review (9)

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My presentation at this NHS Long Covid Conference provides a summary of my research into COVID-19 and long Covid, which is based on autoimmunity as the primary pathophysiology. It was an honour to share these concepts with other experts across the NHS who are also focused on long Covid.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of autoimmunity to serum ACE-2
  • Long Covid versus complications of severe COVID-19
  • Intestinal infection as central to the disease
  • Immune alterations in long Covid
  • Predictors for risk of long Covid
  • Tryptophan absorption affected in long Covid

I plan to expand on these topics in a full long Covid course which will help participants to develop a better understanding of the disease.

Recent Long Covid Conference

In this congress, we hear from experts across the world who are researching long Covid. It was a privilege for me to host this event.

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