About Dr Philip McMillan, MB BS, MRCP(UK)

Dr McMillan is a physician, researcher and international keynote speaker with an innovative approach to COVID-19 and long haulers. He was the first to outline a theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19, and he shares valuable research on science and health through published papers and social media. He also hosts a series of panels and conferences which bring together international experts on COVID-19 and long Covid.

Dr McMillan’s focus on long haulers is a natural evolution of his research on autoimmunity in COVID-19. Through collaboration with specialists such as Dr Bruce Patterson, he advances the understanding and treatment of long haulers. He focuses on identifying the primary driver for their immune response and incorporates this into his clinical practice. Dr McMillan applies new thinking to the development of solutions for long haulers and, in the process, hopes to uncover critical links to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). One of his companies, McMillan Research Ltd, aims to fund specific research projects on taste and smell abnormalities in long Covid.

Since the start of the pandemic, Dr McMillan has applied his research technique to improving the understanding of COVID-19. He has observed that the primary pathology of a disease is typically several steps away from the visible symptoms. In the case of COVID-19, he proposed that severe disease is a viral-mediated autoimmune response. In April 2020, Dr McMillan first outlined the theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19 which was based on the interaction between the viral spike protein and serum ACE-2, and was subsequently published in a paper co-authored by Prof Bruce Uhal, the top pulmonary ACE-2 researcher globally. Research at Johns Hopkins University has since (October 2020) confirmed autoantibodies to ACE-2 in the serum of severely affected patients, supporting the theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19.

Dr McMillan is the founder of the Vejon Health Group of Companies which focuses on research into complex medical conditions, with the goal of finding solutions for COVID-19, long haulers, dementia, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.